Planned times: sometime on Friday until 3PM Sunday

Skeleton Schedule 02/05/09-02/08/09

Thursday Setup Day

Friday Settlin' In
- People arrive
- (Maybe one event?)
- Evening!
   - Ghost stalking
   - Ganakagok under the stars
   - TBD: A movie unknown

Saturday TURBOGO

  ~ Main Gaming ~
   Maid, Panty Explosion

~ Other Gaming ~

  ~ LAN ~

  ~ Anime Schedule ~

  ~ Other Events ~
Campire meal and stories @8PM (tentative time)
Immediately following:
  - Hide and seek OF DARKNESS
  - Dungeoncrawl in main game room (GM: TBD (probably Kathy or Tobes))

Sunday Winding Down
AM LARP (GM: Maggie, Scenario: Zompocalypse at the con!)


Whenever you're hungry: self-serve homestyle macaroni and cheese

Breakfast: giant hashbrown dish with cheese
Lunch: Out!  Bring some cash and we're walking to a nearby restaurant
Dinner: Bonfire glee (hot dogs, s'mores, possibility of biscuits)

Breakfast: Assorted cold cereals
Lunch: Chicken Lo Mein

Feel free to bring your own foods.  There is a grocery store and a Dollar General in walking distance.  Be informed that some areas of the convention are no-food zones.
BYOB -- bring your own beverages.  We have water and the possibility of Kool-Aid.

If you have food alergies or special food needs, contact Maggie.


Registration is $20.  This buys you admission, food throughout the con (see the Menu page), and a T-shirt.  We don't give discounts if you're not there for the whole con, so come as much as you're able.  Maggie will accept payments at the door, but we can't guarantee you sleeping space in the house unless you pre-register.  You're welcome to bring camping equipment for the lovely Turbeville-in-February outdoor experience, or to contact Angela about setting you up in a nearby hotel.

How to Register
Pay Maggie, tell her your T-shirt size, and you're registered.  She accepts Paypal (to the yahoo account fayal_wood) and cash money.  Make sure your name shows up on the list below.  If you want a shirt, however, you've got to pre-register (meaning PAY MAGGIE) by January 23rd.

Registered People
If you're on this list, you're registered.  If you're not, you aren't.  If you pay Maggie and you're not on the list within 24 hours, let her know and we'll get you on the list.

Name                                         T-Shirt Size Version
Maggie-Marie Thies XL Love
Brian Thies XL Rage
Kathy Silva XXL Love
Christine Matthews
Arnold Cassell ? ?
Will McCain XL Love




No one else has paid yet!  You dirty rats.

The T-shirt size listed with your name is what you're getting.  If it's wrong, tell us.  If you don't, you get what's there.  Sowwy, Chawwy. Pick version one or two of t-shirt front as well (love or hate).

What To Bring

Sleeping bag OR blanket(s)
(We prefer that you sleep on the beds instead of in them, since it's a huge hassle for us to wash all the sheets after the con's over.  So, if you want to bring other stuff for on-the-bed sleeping, do it.)
Your best behavior!  Not best convention behavior
Socks you don't mind having seen, since there are no shoes allowed indoors
Typical packed bag for two days (clothes, toiletries, etc.)

If you want to be part of the LAN
Your computer
Your own power strip
Any peripherals and software you want
Files you want to share

If you're gaming
The game you want to play/run

If you're videogaming
At the moment, we have no TV, console, or games for videogaming, so there won't be any.  However!  If someone volunteers to show up Friday with TV and a Playstation/XBox/Wii/Genesis/whatever, I'll put it on the list.

ok so arnold has a posse of 7 friends wanting to come so I told him to not ask anyone else. I thought we should give our friends a chance.
first weekend of feb we have a go for turbocon. Turbeville farm house with romping. Angela is going to handle booking with the hotel if people want that.
my idea is if everyone pays $20 it covers the heating oil for the house so we is warm, two meals such as a giant home style mac n cheese and a pot of chicken lomein or spagetti and the hotdog flame night. And a con t-shirt.
post office is two houses down 
1290 Clarence Coker Hwy
Turbeville, SC 29162
thought it was best place to give it to. then you turn around and go back two houses.

Roleplaying note: Arnold and I both make 2-3 games and run whichever the players want during our game slot
Another page: Suggestion Box (request a game, etc.) = email link
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