Turbo-Con and Turbo-Con B were great!

Turbo-Con B 2009
Turbeville, SC
April 24th – 26th, 2009

Where is it?
Turbeville, SC.  Here's a description.
When will it be?
Friday, April 24th in the afternoon until Sunday, April 26th at 1500.
What's going on?
Gaming (roleplaying, card, and otherwise), LANning, and more. Go here for more complete information.
How much to register?
$5. This gets you into the convention and a place to sleep.
What should I bring?
This page is covers it.

Things you don't need to know.
Pun on Turbeville, and reference to the speed with which we're organizing it.
It's this year's theme, since we're doing this in spite of RoundCon's demise.
What's with the robot and the pixie?
Our lovable mascot, Turbo, and this year's guest, the spite sprite.

If you missed out on the first Turbocon, you can still get a T-shirt for $10. Contact Maggie and it can be mailed directly to you.